Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Peter Francisco Road Trip

I recently had three speaking engagements back-to-back around North Carolina, so Josh and I hit the road for some fun. We kicked it off with me speaking at the Daughters of the American Revolution luncheon in Hendersonville, North Carolina. They put him at the head table with me.

Travis Bowman with son Josh at the head table at DAR luncheon

The ladies were asking Josh questions about Peter Francisco, too, and he loved it.

At the end of my 30-minute impersonations, I talk about my book and DVD for those who would like to learn more about Peter Francisco.

Talking about my book and DVD

This is Kathryn Hermann, Chapter President, who invited me to speak.

Kathryn Hermann

After I spoke at the DAR luncheon, Josh and I headed for the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is the Blue Ridge Folk Art Center.

As we drove up the Blue Ridge we stopped along the way for some snap shots. It was a perfect day! Josh is not a bad photographer!

So we get to Mt. Mitchell (highest peak east of the Mississippi) and Josh wanted to hike through the woods. Unfortunately, I'm getting old and my knee was KILLING me that day. :0(

Hiking to Mt. Mitchell peak

We made it to the peak albeit somewhat spent (at least I was)!

We made it!

Every now and then I can get a decent shot by just holding the camera out an arm’s length.

Accidental success taking a self-portrait

No, Michelle would have never let him do this. One of the privileges of going on a trip WITHOUT Mom!

Josh on the edge

Saturday morning we went to a Revolutionary War battle reenactment but the city ran out of money and they couldn't pay the re-enactors. So, it was a small turn out. We made a great friend here. The re-enactors didn't care if they got paid or not. They were having a grand time.

Revolutionary War reenactment

Since we were doing a weekend of book stuff and we were in Greensboro, we had to stop at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park to see Peter Francisco's memorabilia. Here is the display case at Guilford Courthouse that talks about Peter's vital role in this battle of the Revolution.

This is the Cavalry monument, one of five Peter Francisco monuments that stand up and down the East Coast. It’s also where I was first inspired to tell Peter’s story

Saturday night we went to the Wake Forest-Navy game in Winston-Salem. I asked Josh who he wanted to root for. We decided on Navy because grandpa served in the Navy back in the early 70s. It ended up being a 1-point game, perfect first college football game to take Josh to.

Are you ready for some football?!

I spoke Sunday morning at John Calvin Presbyterian, and afterwards we went to Tiger World. They actually have more than just tigers. I think they need to change their name, but the white tigers are just too cool. This one is about 6 months old named Malia.

white tiger Malia

Josh and I wrapped up our three-day trip at the Soda Shop in downtown Davidson. Good father-son time. Now that's what I'm talkin bout! Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooot.

At the Soda Shop in Davidson


  1. I was just in North Carolina and Tennessee this summer and we went to Fort Loudoun which is a couple hours drive outside of Chattanooga. It was really neat and there weren't that many people there that day. I had wanted to get to Greensboro, but we didn't get to that this time around! Hopefully sometime though. I will be excited to see the Peter Francisco memorabilia there.

  2. You will definitely enjoy a trip to Greensboro. There is even more Peter Francisco memorabilia in Richmond, VA if you get the chance to visit that area. His gravestone, portrait painting in the Capitol building, VA Historic Society museum has some artifacts, and historic St. John's Church is there too.


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