Friday, May 20, 2011

Buckingham Day Parade | Grand Marshal

I was invited to be the grand marshal in the Buckingham Day Parade on May 14. Peter Francisco resided in Buckingham County most of his life. It was a lot of fun, but unfortunately I only took pictures before and after the parade. This was my first time riding a horse with the 6' broadsword strapped to my back. Good times!

Travis on Trampas

This was Friday evening before the parade when Trampas and I first met. What a great horse! We had to figure out how the 6' broadsword would do with the horse.

On Friday night before the parade I went to Mitch's horse ranch to check out the horses. He had this cool stage coach which he built from scratch for some movies that his horses have been a part of. Hmmmm... 

antique stage coach and movie prop

Trampas was the largest horse that Mitch owned and he did just great for me. He and I were like peas and carrots. :0)


This was the first time riding a horse as Peter Francisco so this was a LOT of fun for me!

Travis as Peter Francisco riding Trampas

I don't know if that is a little rain on the camera but I love this close up of Trampas and I.

Close-up of Travas and Trampas

This older gentleman was in the parade and he really wanted me to get on his horse so that he could have a picture. I thought that was funny but I complied. Uh ... little small.

Travis on a ... much smaller horse

Mitch and his dad were the father/son team who own the horses. Mitch is dressed as a Virginia Mountain Man (like John Allen in my book) and he rode along side of me so that nothing crazy happened. Of course, I'm not the most experienced horse rider in the world.

Mitch dressed like a mountain man similar to John Allen in Hercules of the Revolution

Here is a Confederate gray horse that my cousin had suggested I ride. I had originally wanted white because that is the color of the horse depicted in the 1814 engraving by D. Edwin of Francisco's Fight.  But, the brown horse was the largest horse they had. A horse is a horse, of course!

gray horse

This gal Paige is from an Indian tribe in North Carolina. I loved her outfit!


Bob has been in some western films. I love this shot of him looking like the Sundance Kid.

Bob looking like the Sundance Kid

Trampas, why the long face?

And ... we're off!

Riding to the parade

The book signing afterwards was a lot of fun too. I had a family of about six children ask me to tell them the story of Peter Francisco because they live on Francisco Road in Buckingham. I was amazed that they didn't know any of Peter's story.

signing books

What color horses do you think Peter had?


  1. That looks so fun! I wonder what the horses think about doing stuff like this? :-)
    I personally think that Peter had lots of different horses. Most people back then borrowed from liveries, especially if they were on a long march or needing to keep a fast pace. I want to say that I have heard the name of a couple of Washington's horses but I can't remember then at the moment.


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