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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Summer Recap

Man, this has been one crazy summer! Between speaking engagement and family trips, I haven’t had much down time. Sorry for the delay between posts! Somewhere in there, with help, I was able achieve a few important milestones: 
  • The manuscript revision for book one is being finalized and reviewed as I type this. We’ve added over 100 pages! Signing with a publisher is within sight!
  • Update June 2012: The film company decided to pass on the option to produce the movie. After speaking with numerous companies, I decided to independently produce the film with guidance from other producers. I'm driven to see it released in 2015, but it will take a lot of time and money. If you would like to invest, please e-mail me.  I signed a deal with a film company out in L.A. to produce a feature film based on my book. We will be starting on the screenplay within the next few months! Good news for all of you who’ve been asking about a Hercules movie! 
  • I delivered my first sermon on sacrifice at Forest Lake Baptist Church using Peter’s story as an illustration. (I’ll be doing the same thing on Sept. 11 for a group of firefighters and police officers in Ohio! What an honor!) 
  • My paperwork tracing my lineage back to Peter Francisco was approved. I am now a proud member of the Sons of the American Revolution, joining men like Dwight D. Eisenhower, General McArthur, General Patton, George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, Theodore Roosevelt, and many others. The actual ceremony will be in November.
Thanks to everyone who’s been following along! Here are some highlights from the summer. 

After a Father's Day weekend camping trip with my dad, brothers, and nephews, I took Austin and Josh to an important historical site - Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. One of my future books about Peter Francisco will likely include a description of this property. 

It’s always fun being a tourist in my home state: Maryland. Some of my family still lives there. We ate crabs, went to an O’s game, and even visited Ft. McHenry — birthplace of the national anthem — where I got some good ideas for book three in the Hercules series! There is a great story of Peter Francisco hoisting a cannon, which the post office put on a 1976 stamp. So, of course, I had to give this a shot myself. 

While in Baltimore, I had the opportunity to speak at St. Elizabeth School, where my sister teaches, and again in Elkridge, Maryland, at Open Door Bible Church. Not very large crowds, but now a few more people know about Peter Francisco! 

Check out all the pics from St. Elizabeth’s School and Elkridge: Facebook | Flickr 

We also visited friends and family in PA, NY and Virginia all in one week! Among the highlights was a trip to Niagara Falls

I also had the opportunity to speak about sacrifice at the county fair in Montrose, PA and Forest Lake Church, where my ninth grade basketball coach is now pastor. 

Check out all the pictures from Forest Lake Church: Facebook | Flickr

I also had a business trip out west to Colorado and Wyoming and was able to knock two historic landmarks off my bucket list: Pike’s Peak and Old Faithful!

I took the cog rail up to Pike's Peak - a whopping 14,110' in the sky! At the top, I was short on breath, and it made me wonder if this what a panic attack feels like! I never knew it, but "America the Beautiful" was written from Pike's Peak. Makes sense, though, doesn't it?

Fast forward to Wyoming. I drove five hours North to Yellowstone National Park. Below is a close shot of Old Faithful. There were probably 300 or 400 people waiting to see it go when I was there. Definitely worth waiting for. Amazing they know exactly when that is going to go off! The precision of that geyser, not to mention its name, really made me stop and think about God's faithfulness.

Although it sounds a lot like the question a teacher would ask on the first day of school, I'm still interested: How did you spend your summer? And, more importantly, what did you learn?

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