Friday, January 13, 2012

Daughters of the American Revolution | Charlotte

Just over 100 members of Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) turned out yesterday morning to hear Peter's story. Several of them had seen me before, but most had never heard of my great-grandfather. I signed books/DVDs for an hour and a half afterwards and I sold out of my books. One lady wrote her check out to Travis Francisco! Hmmm...

Funny story: After arriving at the venue, I realized that I had all of the parts to my colonial outfit (shoes, hat, wig, sword, etc) except my shirt. Then I realized I didn't have enough time to go home before "the bright lights hit me." So ... I went without a shirt! :0) Just kidding. I talked to one of the DAR ladies who had been a curator at the Charlotte Museum of History before, and she knew where some clothes were at the museum. Turns out ... they had the exact same shirt and size that I needed hanging in their wardrobe. Go figure! Another way of saying that: go God!

Hope everyone had a great new year. I'll be posting a recap of happenings this fall along with pictures of my meeting with the First Lady of Portugal, so stay tuned!


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