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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revised Edition | Hercules of the Revolution

Hercules of the Revolution, a novel about Revolutionary War hero Peter Francisco
In September 2010, I set upon the task of preparing the Hercules of the Revolution manuscript for publishers. While the editing first began as a simple exercise of cleaning up syntax and mechanics, it quickly developed into a full-blown revision.

Due to time constraints, I was forced to sacrifice some things with the first editions, least of all a thorough proofreading. But I had also wanted to incorporate additional scenes apart from the war to illustrate Peter’s softer side as well as demonstrate more effectively God's purpose for Peter's life.

After a year of working late nights and many weekends, I am thrilled to say the new edition is now available!

Since Hercules of the Revolution is a true-life novel, in Gordon Liddy's words "a Roman à clef," it remains largely unchanged, but throughout the manuscript, you will find that we have:
  • incorporated Peter's thoughts throughout to build his character and break up long sections of narrative
  • painted more detailed descriptions of plantations, interiors, characters and other various settings and objects
  • enhanced the conflict of George Carrington in various scenes throughout, creating a tense love triangle between him, Peter and Susannah
  • added more romantic, tender moments between Peter and Susannah (which I know all you ladies will enjoy!)
The manuscript boasts over 100 additional pages, some of which include brand new scenes:
  • Peter learns about spiritual freedom and his heavenly Father when he attends a gathering of the underground church with the other slaves on Hunting Tower plantation
  • Christina Hench, the sad woman at Yellow Springs Hospital who nurses Peter back to health
  • The slave child Eli at the Anderson plantation that Peter befriends and ultimately saves
  • Christmas preparation and celebration at Anderson plantation
  • A dramatic blizzard that threatens Peter’s life
  • The popular colonial tradition of the Twelfth Night Ball, where Peter has the chance to make his case for freedom and establish himself as a leader in the community if he can overcome George’s attempts to humiliate and discredit him.
Much of this work would have not been possible without Heather Walls. She worked relentlessly for over a year to edit and revise this epic manuscript. Heather’s detailed descriptions of surroundings, Peter’s thoughts, and further development of the romance were invaluable additions to the story of my great-grandfather. Because of her hard work, I was able to deliver the very first copy of this revision to the First Lady of Portugal - Maria Cavaco Silva - at a luncheon in Mount Vernon in November.

I hope you enjoy the new edition! If you read it, let me know what you think!

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