Peter Francisco was born in 1760 in Porto Judeu, Terceira Island, Azores. His birth record was first discovered there in 1960 at a church called Santo Antonio. His parents were Machado Luiz and Antonia Maria Francisco. 

Peter married three times and had six children with his first two wives. He adopted six more children from his third wife who was widowed.  The Society of the Descendants of Peter Francisco has compiled the most accurate genealogical record of Peter's family tree, and you can view it when you click on the link below.

Travis Bowman is inducted into the Sons of the American Revolution, Mecklenburg Chapter
Travis Bowman is a descendant of Peter Francisco's great-granddaughter, Rosalie Francisco Barret, who is Travis's great-grandmother.  In 2011, Travis's family was present when he joined the Mecklenburg Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution by showing documentation that traced his heritage back to Peter Francisco - a heritage he first learned from his grandmother.


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