The Peter Francisco Story

The Peter Francisco Story, a documentary about Peter Francisco, produced by Travis Bowman Watch a clip from the documentary!

This is the first documentary ever produced about the man that George Washington called his "One Man Army."  Washington even claimed that we would have likely lost the Revolutionary War without Peter Francisco.

Hosted by Travis Bowman, a direct descendant of Peter Francisco, this documentary uncovers the untold mysterious story of this giant from the Revolution.  Travis takes you to key historic sites, reveals five monuments in Peter's honor and interviews numerous historians, curators, and a Senator from Virginia to reveal 10 amazing facts about Peter Francisco's life.  Peter's birth record is unveiled for the first time on television, and numerous artifacts from museums are featured, including a replica 6-foot broadsword similar to the one George Washington had made for Peter.

This 30-minute program continues to air on select PBS stations around the country, but the DVD has an extra 25 minutes of interviews not seen on television.

We were honored to win a 2011 Platinum Aurora Award!  We would like to thank all of our sponsors, but especially Luso-American Life and Newell Rubbermaid.

$19.95 Retail (plus shipping)

Below is a short clip from the documentary which previews the program:


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